[b-hebrew] hwh in Hifil?

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Hi John,

Hiphil yiqtol (or imperfect) of HWH would be yahweh like the analogous yarbeh (he will multiply, Exo 30:15).  Hiphil yiqtol of HWH is indeed unattested in the Hebrew Bible.

Neither the roots HYH nor its cognate HWH is always stative, so a hiphil of HWH is conceivable, meaning "call into existence."  Yahweh would mean "he calls (will call) into existence."

To me, the derivation of YHWH is controversial, so that I advise viewing all claims with reservation.



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  I am stundying the E and J relations in the Pentatauch.  JOhn Day made a
  statement in regards to yhwh being qal rather than Cross's opnion that it is
  causitive (hifil).  He states that hwh is not attested in the Hifil in
  Hebrew, unlike in Syriac.  I have a basic (1 year) of Biblical Hebrew, and
  just need to better understand this statement.  WHat i think he is saying is
  that hwh does not exist in the hifil in Hebrew.  Can someone verify or
  assist me in this?  I know it is basic, but understanding that staement
  fully is very important to continuing.  Day uses Ex 3:14 as his proof of
  yhwh being qal.

  John D Robinett

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