[b-hebrew] Judges 4:18 - The Divine Name?

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The Rahlfs edition of LXX has two complete texts for Judges, A
(Alexandrinus) and B (Vaticanus). Both of these read KURIE MOU at Judges

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> > I have heard of the contention that at Judges 4:18, some Hebrew
> > manuscripts have the tetragrammaton instead of "adoni," the Hebrew word
> > for "lord." (A similar assertion is made of Ruth 2:13 and 1 Kings
> > 18:11.) My question to you all is, what mss contain the Divine Name and
> > what textual criticisms can be made of it?
>  Dear Hal,
>  According to the app: crit: in the BHS, the Greek LXX 'GMS' has YHWH in
>  Judges 4:23 instead of 'a:LoHiYM. Verse 18 about which you enquire has
>  no footnote in Kittel's App: Crit:.
>  My copy of the LXX (Brenton) has KURIE MOU for 'aDoNiY in verse 18.
>  The normal qere perpetuum for the Divine Name is a:DoNaY, pointed with
>  pathach under the nun, not 'a:DoNiY with hireq. The latter is the noun
>  'aDoN with the normal 1ms pronominal suffix.
>  The representation of the Divine Name, the tetragrammaton, in the LXX is
>  done in several ways. In some MSS the Hebrew teragrammaton appears; in
>  some its Greek transliteration IABH (giving us a key to its probable
>  phonetic pronunciation); but in the vast majority the Greek noun KURIOS
>  appears for YHWH.
>  In Judges 4:18 Sisera is respectfully called "my lord". Clearly the use
> of
>  the Divien Name here is an error, were it perpetrated in the manner you
>  describe.
>  Shalom
>  Ben
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