[b-hebrew] Judges 4:18 - The Divine Name?

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On Fri 25 Apr 2003 (20:32:02), jwdefender17 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I have heard of the contention that at Judges 4:18, some Hebrew
> manuscripts have the tetragrammaton instead of "adoni," the Hebrew word
> for "lord." (A similar assertion is made of Ruth 2:13 and 1 Kings
> 18:11.) My question to you all is, what mss contain the Divine Name and
> what textual criticisms can be made of it?

 Dear Hal,

 According to the app: crit: in the BHS, the Greek LXX 'GMS' has YHWH in
 Judges 4:23 instead of 'a:LoHiYM. Verse 18 about which you enquire has
 no footnote in Kittel's App: Crit:.

 My copy of the LXX (Brenton) has KURIE MOU for 'aDoNiY in verse 18.
 The normal qere perpetuum for the Divine Name is a:DoNaY, pointed with
 pathach under the nun, not 'a:DoNiY with hireq. The latter is the noun
 'aDoN with the normal 1ms pronominal suffix.

 The representation of the Divine Name, the tetragrammaton, in the LXX is
 done in several ways. In some MSS the Hebrew teragrammaton appears; in
 some its Greek transliteration IABH (giving us a key to its probable
 phonetic pronunciation); but in the vast majority the Greek noun KURIOS
 appears for YHWH.

 In Judges 4:18 Sisera is respectfully called "my lord". Clearly the use of
 the Divien Name here is an error, were it perpetrated in the manner you

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