[b-hebrew] Is the Hebrew idea of emunah/aman/amen pledging into or keeping acovenant?

Jason Hare jhronline at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 16:23:41 EDT 2003

> Can
> amen, and especially aman, mean pledging into a
> covenant? Does emunah point only to trust and
> belief,
> or is the meaning broader? I am aware of the
> definition of emunah as faithfulness; but does it
> also
> have a distinct relation to the making and keeping
> of
> covenants? Also, why did this respondent give khesed
> as a word that defines faith?

Well, personally, when I think of EMUNAH, the 13
Articles come to mind (Ani ma'amin be'emunah shleimah
she/b'-...). I would assume that this is *at least*
mental assent, but would suggest that it is something
more. I'm not sure about its extent, but I'm sure that
someone else on the list would be able to demonstrate
it better.

As for my reasoning in including KHESED as part of my
asnwer to "faith"... Here is the last part of the
question as posed by Carie:

> Is there one word that is
> particularly associated with the bond made between
> Moses (and Jews) and G-d on Mt. Sinai?

Khesed is the covenant loyalty/faithfulness that
was/is shown by G-d to Israel. This was in answer to
this portion of the question. Of course, Khesed does
*not* refer to mental assent, to what we would refer
to as "faith" or "belief."


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