[b-hebrew] SBL transliteration font?

Peter Kirk peter.r.kirk at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 22 04:44:59 EDT 2003

Try the (older) SIL Hebrew Font System at
http://www.sil.org/computing/fonts/silhebrew/. This includes a
transliteration font, SIL Heb Trans, which has what you want, or at least
nearly all of it.

There isn't a transliteration font with the newer SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts
at http://www.sil.org/computing/fonts/silhebruni/. But then there doesn't
need to be, for all the transliteration characters you need are included in
standard Unicode fonts, even Times New Roman, though you do need to compose
a few characters yourself for some transliteration schemes e.g. p macron and
g macron. By "compose yourself" I mean e.g. type a p then select a combining
macron (U+0304) from the symbol list. Or you could set up a keyboard (e.g.
with Keyman from www.tavultesoft.com) or conversion routine to do this
automatically. But with this approach you can get good results with standard
fonts, using a Unicode aware word processor like Word (97+) or OpenOffice.

Peter Kirk
peter.r.kirk at ntlworld.com

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> Dear Colleagues,
> Do any of you know a freeware Hebrew transliteration font for the SBL
> style of transliteration that works with Windows?  (BibleWorks has a
> tranliteration font, but it does not have all of the same characters
> that are needed for the SBL scheme.)  Thanks!
> Rodney
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