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Jason Hare jhronline at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 20 14:47:23 EDT 2003


Understand that Hebrew is written from right to left
and disregard this message. ;-) 

Never think to write Hebrew from left to right when
you are using Hebrew characters. If you need to see
these words in Hebrew script, then I can very simply
make some images (or use unicode) to place them on my
website and give you a link. Just let me know if you
need them.


Bruce Gardner wrote:
Dear Carie,

I hope I be not thought wiser than my teachers if I
say that, since the 
is to write biblical Hebrew words in the original
script, the advice 
given so 
far has to be reversed, i.e. with the first letter
starting at the 
right of 
the page and working left: Amen (aleph mem nun) would
actually begin on 
right and read (from left) nun mem aleph.

This advice applies to all the examples. reading them
left to right, 
transpose them right-to-left in Hebrew script.

As I say, this advice may be unnecessary, but in any
case it can't do 
harm, even if it is blindingly obvious.

Best wishes,

Bruce Gardner>>

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