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I would suggest these:

> Faith - as in the covenent, or pledge, between G-D
> and the people of Israel.  Is there one word that is
> particularly associated with the bond made between
> Moses (and Jews) and G-d on Mt. Sinai?

Chesed (covenantal loyalty, mercy)

> Integrity - as in adherence, loyalty, purity?

Tom (tau-mem)

> Love - as in love for humanity or the world?

Ahavah (alep-hey-beth)

> Life - as in daily life or in a more spiritual
> sense?

Nephesh (human life) or Chay (Het-yod)

> Learning - specifically Torah learning?

torah (tau-resh-hey)

> Hope - as in future?

Tiqvah (tau-qof-waw-hey)


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