[b-hebrew] Ark of the Covenant, Egyptian Pototype ?

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 16:50:27 EDT 2003

  Dear Walter,The citations for K. Kitchen: Egyptians and Hebrews, From Ra'amses to Jericho.  in The Origin of Early Israel - Current Debate,  ed. by S.Ahituv and E. Oren. He touches on the subject briefly and refers to another article of his for more detail: The Tabernacle - A Bronze Age Artefact in: Eretz-Israel 24, p 119 following.  For a totally dofferent understanding of the subject,you may wish to look up the works of M. Haran who takes the whole subjectn of the Tabernacle as an idealization. A suitable brief bibliography can be found at the end ofthe entry Ark of the Covenant in ABD.  As for Amun orAmun-Re, you may wish to look up the wonderfully titled chapter" The Crisis of Polytheism" in De Moor's important book,  The Rise of Yahwism. The crisis he refers to occurs at the end of LB, not only in Egypt, but elsewhere in the ANE. The title of the chapter, incidentally, is taken from a book by Assmann.  Too many aspects of Amun-Re  relevant to features of Yahwism to be mentioned in this post. This is a well know subject. Best,    Uri 

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