[b-hebrew] Ark of the Covenant, Egyptian Pototype ?

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 12 16:40:52 EDT 2003

Walter, You may wish to look up what K.Kitchen, the eminent Egyptologist wrote on this very subject. He found a parallel to the ark in LB Egypt. This is in an article on Israel in Egypt ( I don't remeber the exact entry) in ABD, and elsewhere. If you neeed more precise references let me know. Uri  Walter wrote, inter alia:

I am pleased to announce that I have found a chest-like portable throne for
the god Amon-Re, who was honored in the Late Bronze Age (the Exodus being
dated to this period by some scholars) as the mighty warrior-god who
delivered into the hands of his people ALL THE LAND OF CANAAN, just as
Yahweh-Elohim was to accomplish "the same feat" for his people, Israel.

Although the CHEST-LIKE portable throne example is late, of the 6th century
BCE, nevertheless a number of its details are attested in earlier portable
thrones of the Pharaohs in the Late Bronze Age.

Those possessing an interest in all this are invited to access the following
url for an illustration of Amon-Re's CHEST-like portable throne, "a possible
precursor " (?) to the Ark of the Covenant.



Regards, Walter
Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld, M.A. Ed.
mattfeld12 at charter.net

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