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Hi Yigal, you wrote:

> In this case, I think JPS got it better - the object of "mumo" - "HIS
> disfigurement", is the wicked man. I'd put it:
> "the one who corrects a scoffer gets reviled,
> who show a wicked man his blemish".

Let's have a little fun.

I wonder if your interpretation adequately recognizes the convention of
parallelism in proverbs.  At least, familiarity with the convention of
parallelism leads me to taking another look at the verse.  For instance, in
your translation, "his blemish" has no parallel element in the first verset.
Also, while your "b" verset does seem to be a degree more concrete and
severe than the first verset, your "b" doesn't probe the heart of the "a,"
which I think is qalon, the reprover's reward.    I don't say that yous is
an unlikely interpretation; only that it is a bit uncomfortable.

Let me suggest an alternative:

"one reproving a scorner gets for himself insult;
but one defending a wicked man [gets] his injury."

Of course, "defending" may seem like a stretch, but sometimes the root YKX
is used w ith lamed following to mean "rebuke for..." in the sense of
mediating or judging or advocating on behalf of another (see Gen 24:14, Job

The idea of the proverb may be that there is something worse than the lousy
reward for reproving a scorner, namely, advocating for a wicked man, which
will end with t he advocate getting the injury that was meant for the wicked

While my suggestion may also be uncomfortable because of the interpretation
of mokiax, I think it gives due attention to the convention of parallelism
that prevails in proverbs.



> At 02:41 PM 4/8/2003 -0400, Jim West wrote:
> >in the view of listers, is it legitimate to translate "mum" (at the end
> >the verse) as "disfigurement" and hence "beating"?
> >
> >The way I understand the verse is like this-
> >
> >">        the one who reproves a wicked man gets a beating!"
> >
> >any suggestions as to why this may be wrong (if indeed it is wrong).
> >
> >thanks
> >
> >Jim

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