SV: The daughter of Jeftah died?

Yohanan Shalom b. David ybd_talmidtorah at
Mon Sep 30 12:37:59 EDT 2002

George, and all:

Whether Jepthah's daughter had been sacrificed is of little value to me, 
because if she was, then Jepthah made a great error in the vow that he had 
made to YHWH.  Why?  Because, YHWH does not desire human sacrifice, but a 
vow made to YHWH cannot be broken.

This would have cause Jepthah a great dilema, and is a lesson, that we 
should not make vows that we do not intend to keep.  And this is the lesson 
that I think that YHWH would intend for us to learn in such a reading of the 

But, my interest in this lies in the fact that here we see a human being 
sacrificed unto YHWH as a burnt-offering to keep a vow to YHWH.  A sacrifice 
unto YHWH.... oh what Christianity could do with this.  A sacrificed made in 
error though, and one that should not be used to further claim the 
sacrificing of a man for our sins, which YHWH in His T"NK, especially the 
Torah, has made known cannot happen, since each of us is guilty for our own 
sins, and not man can take our place.


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