Handheld Hebrew Bible Computer?

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Sun Sep 29 10:14:35 EDT 2002


      While this might be considered treff, or treasonous, or beneath our 
dignity, I should like to ask a question of the group.

     I know that there are, for example, Hebrew/English handheld computers 
for business individuals.  They sell for about 200.oo, depending upon if they 
have a voice mode.  My question is:  "Is there a handheld Hebrew/English 
computer for the Tanach?"  That is, a handheld device that one could carry 
with them to a Torah or Tanach study meeting, and use at home.  For example, 
one could "punch in," Joshua 1:5, and get the Hebrew and English, hopefully 
with a voice transliteration.  I realize that this might be cheating but 
certainly not all of us are Hebrew scholars, and it could be, in my 
estimation, a very effective learning tool.

     If there is "no such animal" one of you who is a computer maven, might 
consider making one, selling it, and making a million.  

Thomas Roper
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