Tashish, Tarsisi (7th century BCE ?)

walter mattfeld mattfeld12 at charter.net
Sat Sep 28 17:43:20 EDT 2002

Ian wrote:

"I've already indicated that Tar$i$ is quite similar
to the Assyrian version Tarsisi from the eighth
century, while not very similar to the Hittite Tarsa."

Ian, "Tarsisi IS NOT eighth centruy BCE, the text is from the Assyrian King,
Esarhaddon, who succeeded Sennacherib, his murdered father ca. 681 BCE,
sooo- Tarsisi is 7th century BCE.

Cf. the following url identifying Tarshish with Tarsus, and the etymology
Tarsisi (note also the Bronze Age TIN MINE discovered less than a hundred
miles from Tarsus, in the Taurus mtns.).


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