Balaam's Kittim Oracle

Banyai Michael banyai at
Sat Sep 28 08:08:11 EDT 2002

Hallo Walter,

the identification of Kittim with Qode is not my 100%, serves as a
plausible example, but Enkomi-Alasia was abandoned cca. 1050 BC maybe in
favour of Salamis. Thus if we had the equation Alasia=Elisha, Kition
different of Kittim, we get a period pre-1050 for this part of the list of

This corresponds the real-political partition of this part of the world
cca. 1050 (simultaneously with the Balaam reference), among independent
coastal or island-states in South-Anatolia. Inland powers with access to
the Mediteranean are listed separately of "Jaman". The header Jaman could
be either contemporary with the creation of the list (see the appearence
of the toponym in Ugaritic documents, thus in the said region) or later as
most of these countries came under Greek rule.

A decision over Jaman is impossible.

All the best,

Bányai mIchael

"walter mattfeld" <mattfeld12 at> schrieb:
> Dear Michael,
> Thank you for giving "your spin" on the Kittim as Qode. I'll stick with the
> mainstream on this one, identifying Kittim as derived from Kit/Kition a port
> on Cyprus, and the Kittim as the coasts of North Syria and Anatolia (which,
> by the way, includes Qode).
> All the best, Walter

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