SV: The daughter of Jeftah died?

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Yohanan asks: "But if YHWH detested such an event, as having human
sacrifice, then why would YHWH deliver the enemies unto Jepthah's hand?"

You are right that YHWH detests human sacrifice.  But your argument, that
Jephthah could not have sacrificed his daughter because God would not grant
success to someone who is not righteous, does not stand -- especially in
the book of Judges.

There are other people in the book of Judges whom God blessed despite their
moral failngs.  Barak and Gideon didn't trust God fully.  Barak was afraid
to lead the army unless Deborah, a woman, went with him.  Yet God defeated
Sisera through him.  Gideon was so frightened to obey God that, first, he
sneaked out at night to destroy the altar, and second, he insisted on two
signs from God to confirm that he should fight the Midianites.  Yet God
defeated a large army through Gideon and 300 men.  Samson was a womanizer
who defied his parents wishes in his preference for foreign women, yet God
defeated many Philistines through him.  God used all these men despite
their failings.  We should not think it impossible that God could use
Jephthah to defeat an army despite his foolish vow and its abhorrent

How encouraging that God can use imperfect people to accomplish great

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    Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do everything for God's glory.  (1 Cor 10:31, HCSB)

Where in the T"NK does it suggest human sacrifice?  I do not see human
sacrifice here.  I see Yiftakh as offering his daughter as service to

She is not the only person in the T"NK that has been dedicated to YHWH's
service.  The n'zirim were offered to YHWH at birth, to his service that

Yirme'yahu 19:5 They have built altars to Ba'al, to put their children to
the fire as burnt offerings to Ba'al -- which I never commanded, never
decreed, and which never came to My mind.

Therefore, unless we see here an event that YHWH detests, having never
come to His mind.  But if YHWH detested such an event, as having human
sacrifice, then why would YHWH deliver the enemies unto Jepthah's hand?


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