greetings from the staff

Bryan Rocine brocine at
Wed Sep 18 14:10:35 EDT 2002

Greetings from the staff of b-hebrew!  The following is a
little newsletter.

1.  The volunteer staff includes the following:

Jonathan Robie, list owner,
jonathan.robie at
George Athas, co-chair from Sydney, Australia,
gathas at
Kirk Lowery, co-chair from Philadelphia, PA, KELowery at
Lewis Reich, co-chair from Washington, DC, lbr at
Bryan Rocine, co-chair from Syracuse, NY, brocine at earthlink

2.  The list's charter and transliteration scheme may be
found at

In addition any member can access his own settings at this
url, so he may change from a regular subscription to digest,
digest to regular, or he may temporarily stop his mail
without unsubscribing.

3.  A recent thread has prompted the the following statement
from the co-chairs:  Members of the list may refer
collectively to the Hebrew scriptures including the Torah,
the Prophets, and the Writings as the Hebrew Bible, the Old
Testament, the TaNaK, the First Testament or other
traditional titles.

the b-hebrew staff

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