Iron and Bronze. The tribe of Dan

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Ian Hutchesson wrote:

Although you said that you were "interpreting
the text as the text reads", I see no way to go
from k'xd $b+y y$r'l ("as a tribe of Israel") to
the interpretation you supply ("according to the
Torah"), hence my statement about eisegesis.
Perhaps you could supply the linguistics to get
to your interpretation from the text itself.

DKS: You're right, of course.  I should have stopped with the understanding
that Jacob was predicting/prophesying that Dan would judge in accordance
with the norms of the tribes of Israel, or that Dan would judge in a manner
comparable to a tribe of Israel.  Both are linguistically possible.  Either
or both could have been understood by Jacob's original audience.  Only in
hindsight can we interpret that "in accordance with the norms of the tribes
of Israel" is equivalent to "by the Torah."  Jacob's audience would not
have known that.

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