The tribe of Dan

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Tue Sep 17 21:38:41 EDT 2002

I KNOW what I know - and I do not even know a FRACTION of what the 
M'forshim yesterday and today know

But nevertheless, even with the MINISCULE Torah knowledge that I 
have,  I can see clearly  what you all do NOT know

You are going round and round and round in circles without having 

There is a difference between KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING

There are even different words in HEBREW

All I am saying is that, if you MUST engage in word dissection, if 
you really WANT TO UNDERSTAND, and are not just playing with letters 
for the sake of it, then AT LEAST study ALSO what the M'forshim/Oral 
Torah has to tell you.

You might enjoy the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - providing, of course, 
that you are really interested.


>If you would ONLY believe me
>The M'forshim, those who wrote down the Oral Torah, knew SO MUCH 
>If ONLY you would listen


How do you KNOW so assuredly that they knew so much more than we do 
today?  It seems to me that in order to make that judgment, you would 
need to know not only more than others today, but more than those 
whose views you promote.


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