Psalm 22:16 like a lion they mauled, the emendation question

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> > A statement was made that the DSS did not contain Ps. 22:16.  In "The Dead
> > Sea Scrolls Bible" the verse is listed.  It states that the phrase in the
> > MS they have has "they have pierced" and not "like a lion" as in most
> > Hebrew MSS.  Anyone have any further information on this?
> >
>Psalm 22:16, in a fairly fragmentary state, is preserved in 4QPs(f) and is
>published in DJD 16, transcription on page 88.  The reading is uncertain; the
>DJD transcription shows 2 uncertain letters in this word, KR, followed by 
>W in
>brackets (indicating a restoration by the editor).  So it looks like this:
>I'm guessing that the reason the DSS Bible reads "they pierced" is because 
>aleph appears to have been elided, something that likely wouldn't happen with
>the word for "lion."  I'd be inclined to agree, but wouldn't go to the 
>stake for it.

It has been a while since I looked at it on the photos that  Eisenman put 
out, but I recall that the aleph was fairly clear but that the last letter 
had a mark through it and could be either a yod or a vov, possible a long 
yod. The general quality of the scribe of that fragment was not impressive.

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