Iron and Bronze. The tribe of Dan (Shoshanna)

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Dear Shoshanna,

You must have misunderstood.  Please visit
and click on the scripture icon to read the charter for our
list.  In short, Jewish, Christian, as well as Humanistic
perspectives on the Tanak will be allowed and respected.
For example, we have, in time past, allowed a discussion on
the quality of the Jehovah's Witness' translation of the
Tanak.  We usually run into a problem if one perspective
disrespects another simply "by faith."  This forum does not
exist to argue "faiths."  The topic for discussion is wide,
but basically linguistic.

I was reading Rashi on Gen 49:16, and he presents two
alternate views on the interpretation of _ke'axad shibtey
yisra'el_ .  In the first he proposes a slight change to the
pointing of _ke'axad_ to _khe'exad_
(khaph-shewa-aleph-segol-khet-patakh-dalet). He says it
means all the tribes will be one with Dan, and Dan will
avenge them.

In the second interpretation, he leaves the pointing as it
is, explaining that Dan will become like a "distiguished
one" from the tribes (_kimyuxad shebashbatim_), namely

Linguistically, I find both interpretations unlikely because
neither is an attested understanding of the language
construction.  <_ke'axad_ + a plural noun> means the object
is or will be *like* that named by the plural noun.  I am
not saying Rashi's understanding of the verses cannot be
correct.  I am saying that the language does not
well-support his conclusions.

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> I was "asked" by the owners of this list, not to.
> shoshanna
> If you can share views from Talmud or rabbinical
commentaries, about Dan,
> and the numbering and names of the tribes, I am sure the
forum would
> appreciate..
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