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'Golem/galam' as far as I understand it means 'rolled
up', something that is as yet unformed or worked.

This could be applied easily to an unborn child, being
not yet formed. I also don't see why the author
wouldn't be familiar with an unborn child. 

People and animals regularly miscarry their
children/offspring sadly, even at the time this was

The Psalms refer to man being formed in the depth of
the earth I believe, is there a connection here worth
looking into?


 --- Matthew Anstey <ansteyfamily at>
wrote: > Dear list,
> BDB gives the meaning of golem in psa 149:16 as
> "embryo" but would the
> author have known about embryos? Any other
> suggestions for the meaning here
> of this hapax? And do you think it is related to
> galam "to fold up", gelom
> "large garment", both also hapaxes?
> Any help would be appreciated?
> Cheers,
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