The OT?

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Sat Sep 7 20:08:35 EDT 2002

> I did not see a reply to this question. I'm sure it is common knowledge,
> but I do not own an LXX. What order is it in? Does it end in Zechariah?
> Malichi? 
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> Bill Ross
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I think that one must distinguish between the original LXX and later
copies.  Originally the books of the LXX were translated into Greek before
there were any "books" with covers and pages.  The orginal LXX was a group
of scrolls.  The question of the "order" of the LXX, in that case, may
have been meaningless except for books such as the twelve minor prophets
that all went on one scroll.
The later copies I know have some variations on which books of the
Apocrypha are included.  Manuscripts may also vary on Hebrew Bible books. 
As for the order of the books, here is one list based on Swete which ends
with Daniel (with apocryphal additions): 

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