timing in 2 Chron 21.19

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> Does anyone have any suggestions why yamim is translated "years"
> instead of  "days"? 

 This is a figure of speech; synechdoche, the part for the whole, or /pars
 pro toto/.

 In Ezekiel 4:6 a "day" specifically stands for a "year". YoWM La$$aNaH
 YoWM La$$aNaH.

 Genesis 47:9 shows a pleonastic construction, "the days of the years of my
 pilgrimage, etc". Y:MeY $:NeY M:GuWRaY... Y:MeY $:NeY XaYYaY... W:'eT-Y:MeY
 $:NeY XaYYeY 'a:BoTaY.

 $aNaH Xa:Da$aH +oBaH

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