Iron and Bronze.

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Fri Sep 6 12:31:00 EDT 2002

>>    Iron spearhead aside, given that Goliath's armament is that of a 
>> Greek hoplite, replete with shield-bearer (1 Sam. 17:3-5), a rather late
>> date is indicated.
>  This claim was made several years ago by Israel Finkelstein of TAU. But:
>  1. The description is generic enough to be read like practically anything. 
>  2. Since we have no idea what a 10th century Philistine warrior looked like
>  (the Medinat Habu pictures are 200 years earlier), this is an argument from
>  silence.
>  3. Even assuming that he is correct, this could be the result of a late
>  redactor "filling in" details from his own experience. 
>  Dr. Yigal Levin
    A number of examples of anachronisms relating to David are also listed at 
D. Redford, Egypt, _Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times_ (Princeton:  
Princeton University Press, 1992) 304-5.  I personally find such cumulative 
evidence of late date persuasive.  

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Russell Gmirkin

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