Iron and Bronze.

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At 02:07 AM 9/6/2002 +0100, Peter Kirk wrote:
>Hold on, surely the actual evidence is that the Iron Age in the area in
>question started much earlier than the 8th century, perhaps the
>12th-13th century or even earlier with the invasion of the Sea Peoples.
>So even if we accept Ian H's line of argument it tells us only that
>Genesis was written no earlier than the 12th-13th century. This is not a
>very strong claim, it doesn't even rule out authorship by a 13th century

The fact that the period beginning c. 1200 BCE is called the "Iron Age" is
only a convention, left over from early 20th century (CE) concepts brought
in by British and European archaeologists. The 12th century BCE was a time
of many changes. Wide-spread use of Iron was NOT one of them (as per the
evidence we have now).

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