Iron and Bronze.

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Hold on, surely the actual evidence is that the Iron Age in the area in
question started much earlier than the 8th century, perhaps the
12th-13th century or even earlier with the invasion of the Sea Peoples.
So even if we accept Ian H's line of argument it tells us only that
Genesis was written no earlier than the 12th-13th century. This is not a
very strong claim, it doesn't even rule out authorship by a 13th century

Peter Kirk

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> No, but the point is (forgive me for butting in) that the mention of
> is neither a proof of the antiquity of iron or of the lateness of the
> Both have to be evaluated independantly, and then combined. But if it
> could
> be established that iron was not known (or at least not used) until
> 8th
> century, this would be proof that at least that part of that redaction
> that particular text did not reach its present form until the 8th
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