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> >> >>I would read it as a construct, with "sherez" meaning "brood"
> >> >>"the offspring of living things that are in the water".
> >> >
> >> >But wouldn't the string be terminated by a definite noun if this were so?
> >>
> >>Yes, "Hayyah", "living thing".
> >
> >In my GRAMCORD text, it is parsed as an adjective? Why do you say it is a
> >definite noun?
>Why not read the first two words as a construct phrase and the last as an
>adjectival modifier on the whole thing? You still end up with the suggested
>translation above.

Which translation? Yigal's? I don't see how. Wouldn't it be "a swarm of 
living breathing things"? That would actually make a lot of sense 
especially since sherez is singular (collective noun).

>  BTW, why do you think a *definite* noun is needed?

You're right - it doesn't need to be definite.

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