timing in 2 Chron 21.19

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at cua.edu
Thu Sep 5 10:52:36 EDT 2002

>===== Original Message From Andrew & Debby Kulikovsky
>The infinite construct is the subject of the main clause - literally it says:
>It happened for days after days at some time (In the course of time?), the
>coming out (at) the end of (after?) 2 days (years?), his bowels came out...
>I don't understand what the infinite construct means of how it functions in
>this verse.

I'm guessing that ke'et goes with the infinitive construct--at the time of the 
coming out of the end of two (whatever we're going to do with yamim). I think 
the coming out refers here to the end--when the end of a time period has come 
out (emerged, proceeded, etc.), that time period is finished. So it's just a 
roundabout way of saying, "After x time period." But I'm no expert on LBH 
temporal constructions.

Trevor Peterson

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