Iron and Bronze

Ian Goldsmith iangoldsmith1969 at
Thu Sep 5 08:56:46 EDT 2002


> My major problem, Ian, is when one states positions
> in  public, I would consider those positions should
> be defendable.
As already stated I voiced an 'opinion', if you took
to be a 'position', then I apologise for engaging your
expertise without merit for doing so.

But if we are not free to express an opinion, then I
may as well retire to the Outer-Hebridies and live in
hut, so as not to offend anyone of a sensitive nature.

Please, please can we stop filling the other list
members in trays with this now.

Thanks, respecting your point of view but holding a
different 'opinion'.

Ian Goldsmith.

Dibrah Torah kilshone bnei-adam
'The Torah spoke in the language of ordinary men.'
Berakot 31b

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