timing in 2 Chron 21.19

Andrew & Debby Kulikovsky hermeneutics at kulikovskyonline.net
Thu Sep 5 06:18:37 EDT 2002

At 05:57 AM 5/09/2002 -0400, Trevor & Julie Peterson wrote:
>Andrew wrote:
> > But this just doesn't seem right to me. I'm not sure the infinite
> > contruct
> > ze't is handled correctly,
>What strikes you as incorrect about it?

Why is yamim two years rather than two days?

> > and I don't understand the contextual reasons
> > for translating yamim as "years" rather than days.
>It seems like other examples of this construction (or at least similar) are
>handled the same way. This isn't necessarily meant to provide a solution,
>but it should make the investigation more comprehensive. Check Gen 41:1 and
>Jer 28:3, 11.

All these examples have shanah (year) preceding yamim, so they are not 
really comparable.

Like I said, do you think the rendering I gave previously is a possibility?

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