Iron and Bronze.

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> > If I were to write a story about my ancestors I
> > wouldn't put in their hands items that didn't exist in
> > their day, it'd be pointless. So why is Tubal-cain
> > mentioned as the first iron worker?
> Because these works were written in the Iron Age (8th-7th CE).  I don't
> believe these writers knew the distinction between Bronze and Iron Ages.
> These types of anachronisms are quite common, are they not?

Even in more modern times

BRUTUS: Alas, good Cassius, do not think of him:    If he love Caesar, all 
that he can do  Is to himself, take thought and die for Caesar: And that were 
much he should; for he is given To sports, to wildness and much company.

TREBONIUS:  There is no fear in him; let him not die;   For he will live, and 
laugh at this hereafter.    

[Clock strikes]

BRUTUS: Peace! count the clock.

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