Iron and Bronze.

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Wed Sep 4 10:23:38 EDT 2002


> Because these works were written in the Iron Age
> (8th-7th CE). 

You're not seriously suggesting Genesis was written in
the 8th or 7th cent CE are you? Even for non
Maximalist this is very late.

> I don't
> believe these writers knew the distinction between
> Bronze and Iron Ages.

Perhaps not but they knew the difference between
bronze and iron. I'm swayed by the thought that the
iron was beaten not smelted, but not that they didn't
know the difference.

The instance where we are given the weights of
Goliath's armour is another curiosity. The "iron"
spear head could refer to just the weight in iron, or
be made from beaten iron ore, but the rest of his kit
is weighed in bronze and of bronze.. if memory serves
me correctly.

It is possible, from the Hebrew, to draw the
conclusion (I think) that the spear head was either
made of iron or weighed in iron. But even if the text
only refers to the weight I can see no logical reason
why separate bits of kit would be weighed with weights
of different metals.

Anyway may I take this occasion to thank you all for
your views and insight, they were very helpful.

I remain open minded.



Ian Goldsmith.

Dibrah Torah kilshone bnei-adam
'The Torah spoke in the language of ordinary men.'
Berakot 31b

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