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jwest at highland.net jwest at highland.net
Tue Sep 3 04:56:24 EDT 2002

> Hi All!
> I have a copy of Cohen's "Everyman's Talmud" which is a brief summary of 
> the Talmud's major themes and teachings. However, there are numerous inline 
> refs which I don't understand. eg.
> Chag. 12a etc.
> Joma 54b  ====  Tractate Yoma
> Taan. 10a  ======  Tractate Taanim
> B.B. 25a   =====  Tractate Baba Bathra
> Tamid 32a   ====== Tractate Tamid
> Sifre     ======  Tractate Sifre
> Shab. 32a  ======  Tractate Shabbath
> Ber. 59a  ======  Tractate Berakoth

hi andy,

these are all references to passages in the babylonian talmud.  the reason that 
they are not listed is because they are well known to readers of the talmud 
just like Gen 1:3 is well known to you.  ;-)



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