Wilful violation of list rules (Sacks)

Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at beitberl.ac.il
Sun Sep 1 08:33:37 EDT 2002

Ian Hutchesson is unjustly accusing me of purposely sending politically-related postings to this list. I can understand why, because it has already happened twice. I can't help my faulty vision, but perhaps, if I delete Biblical Hebrew from my Address Book it won't happen again.
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  From: Ian Hutchesson 
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  Sent: Sunday, September 01, 2002 6:37 AM
  Subject: Wilful violation of list rules (Sacks)

  This is the case with Jonathan who has done this before, 
  sending blatantly unrelated and political topics to the 
  list. I think, if he does it again, he should be put on 
  moderated status.

  Responding to the matter is not the correct response as 
  it is in turn a violation of list rules and only makes 
  way for prolonging an irrelevant topic as proven with 
  this Sacks thing.

  If a matter does not relate to the list topic or one of 
  the list's members it should not be permitted.


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