The daughter of Jeftah died?

Bill Burks rwburks at
Fri May 31 21:08:57 EDT 2002

I agree she was literally sacrificed ... however ...
Does it reflect an early stage of Isrealite religion? Or does it reflect
an early perversion of Isrealite religion for which the text makes no
value judgement, but merely relates the story.

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> daladier2002 at writes:
>> Analizing Judges 11:30-40 in connection with II Kings 3:27, one
>> question has formed in my mind:
>> The word olah suggest the sacrifice of daugther of Jeftah? This
>> episode is literal ou symbolic?
>> Please send yours opinions!
> I would agree.  She was sacrificed.  It may offend some sensibilities,
> but I think it reflects an early stage in Israelite religion.
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