Hebrew Texts for the Palm OS

Christian M. M. Brady cbrady at tulane.edu
Fri May 31 10:34:49 EDT 2002

On 5/30/02 3:02 PM, "Daniel Walin" <danserve4x at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Recently I was able to find some Greek NT texts for my
> Palm and this piqued my interest in locating some
> texts for the Hebrew OT as well.  Does anyone know of
> any Hebrew texts of the OT, preferrably free and in a
> Hebrew font, that are available for use with the Palm
> OS?

You will, as far as I can tell, have to pay for something. The texts can be
found for free <http://www.mechon-mamre.org/>, but require you to have a
Hebrew component installed which is not free (either
<http://www.penreader.com/PalmOS/PiLoc/Hebrew_PiLoc.html> or

I like <http://www.olivetree.com/> but you have to pay for the GNT and HB.

For other sources see

Or just search at Google for Torah Palm Hebrew (and other combos).

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