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As I understand the philosophical (as opposed to the artistic or
architectural) use of modern/post-modern, modern tends to emphasize a
logical approach to dealing with questions.  Post-modern thought emphasizes
more of the impact on the individual.

Most of the impact that this has made on my work is a change of focus
between how I address issues with the over-40 crowd and with the under-40
crowd.  The older group seems to grasp exegesis and information-oriented
approaches, while the younger crowd needs more of the emotional,
motivational emphasis.

Pre-modern is not a term that I have seen used, except as a grouping of all
or philosophical thoughts prior to the modern period.



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> dear b-haverim,
> i've noticed the term "post-modern" slipping into the rhetoric
> these days.
> what should we understand by "modern" then?  would that be the framework
> pioneered by the 19th germans, and in criticism associated with
> Wellhausen?  if so, the post-modern is not that "post".  and then what do
> you do with dissenters like Kaufmann and the Jerusalem School?  is that
> pre-modern or anti-modern?
> any thoughts on the correct use of modern? and pre- vs post-?
> cheers,
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