Composition Date of Deut 1:36 and 34:10-12

Mark Wessner mark at
Wed May 29 11:33:24 EDT 2002

Hi Colleagues,

I am doing some research on a grammatical technique used by various 
Biblical Hebrew narrators, and am trying to ascertain the date of 
composition of thirteen Old Testament passages.  Based on the language and 
grammar, I have my suspicions about the time-frame, but I would like to 
hear some of your more learned and objective opinions (to either confirm or 
challenge my thoughts!).  Two of the passages are:

Deut 1:36
Deut 34:10-12

Any information that you can provide regarding when these texts may have 
been composed, whether it is your own insight or the recommendation of a 
specific resource, will be greatly appreciated.


Mark Wessner
Mark at

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