Is Zechariah a Text?

c stirling bartholomew cc.constantine at
Wed May 29 15:34:40 EDT 2002

Just been reading *Brown & Yule's discussion "What is a Text?" While working
in Zechariah (MT/LXX) I have come across some noteworthy examples of
participant reference ambiguity; sudden switching back and forth from third
person to first person, speakers and agents who cannot be identified, and so

This participant reference ambiguity reduces the textual cohesion of the
discourse at the clause and paragraph level. However, the same ambiguity is
found throughout the book. It is present in Zech 1-8, and in Zech 9-14. So
we might say that what creates textual chaos (too strong a word) at the
clause and paragraph level promotes cohesion at the macro level. It is a
notable "feature" of the authors discourse which permeates the whole work.

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* Pages 161-204, -Brown, G. and G. Yule. Discourse Analysis. Cambridge:
Cambridge UP, 1983.

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