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Subject: RE: mevaseret in Isaiah (was company or women)

> One translation tradition (e.g. KJV) understands "mevasseret Zion" in
> Isaiah 40:9 as adjective and noun: "O Zion, herald of good tidings"
> (NRSV). This would explain the feminine: Zion is feminine.

If it this is the case then it would be "Zion mevasseret" and not the
other way round. The only way that I can think of where the noun follows
the adjective in Hebrew is if it is in the middle of the sentence. For
example: " Mevasseret, Zion, be-daver tov"



Dave, I think that Peter is actually intereting "mevasseret Zion" as an appositive (which 
is much more common), rather than adjective-noun.

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