EBH/LBH: quotations....?

Vincent DeCaen decaen at chass.utoronto.ca
Tue May 28 09:21:31 EDT 2002

dear friends,

some have asked for direct quotations on my mickey-mouse characterization 
of hurvitz's position and that of his students and colleagues.

rooker (1990) couldn't be more explicitly blunt:
"The premise of this work is that the history of biblical Hebrew is 
characterized by two successive language states: pre-exilic or Early 
Biblical Hebrew and post-exilic or Late Biblical Hebrew." (p.1)

notice further:
"Avi Hurvitz of the Hebrew University not only introduced me to the 
historical study of Biblical Hebrew, but read with great care an earlier 
version of this work....."  of course, hurvitz is not directly 
responsible, but i do think this is a fair characterization of the basic 

on rooker's agenda, i'll not delve into the conservatism represented by 
Dallas Theological Seminary:  i'll leave that for others.  on hurvitz et 
al and the tradition of y. kaufman, that's an interesting matter for the 
sociology of knowledge that may appeal to a grad student looking for a 
M.A. topic...  i have no interest in pursuing the history of the field, at 
least at the moment.

hope this helps,
Dr Vincent DeCaen
Research Associate
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
University of Toronto

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