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Hi Ewan, you wrote:

> Nevertheless, for learning purposes, you have to start
somewhere and jumping
> straight into the Torah can be very daunting without a few
> sentences to help you.

Actually, with "computer Bibles" being so powerful for
searching with grammatical and lexical parameters, teachers
can provide Bible passages for students from lesson one.
This is the approach my first year grammar takes.

Plug the grammar and vocabulary into the search line and the
computer will find the verses for the lesson.  Actually,
it's a little easier said than done.  In the early lesson of
my grammar I remember often taking an hour to find an
appropriate passage.  But I think it is worth it.  My
students are very encouraged to read the Bible right away.
Most of them don't want to learn Hebrew nearly so much as
they want to read the Bible in Hebrew.


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