mevaseret in Isaiah (was company or women)

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at
Mon May 27 14:20:30 EDT 2002

I've been wondering about the mevaseret in 2nd Isaiah.
It seems really odd that this refers to a woman,
since if feels more to me that it refers to the prophet
(of course the prophet could be a prophetess!).
Is it possible for the noun to simply be feminine,
tho referring to a male?
It seems very unlikely to me that there would be
female heralds in antiquity since they 1) had to
travel about, and 2) they usually read what they
were announcing.

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> shalom Tony,
> Ps 68.11/12 has female heralds, just like Isaiah 40.9.
> High, carrying voice,
> less-threatening,
> easier on the eyes.
> (check out my address below, come visit if you want a tranquil
> intro into the language)
> blessings,
> Randall Buth
> Mevasseret Zion
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