Psalms 68:11 The Company or The Women?

Darren A. Starks Data1129 at
Sun May 26 22:25:30 EDT 2002

I thought you Hebrew scholars could help me with this question.

In the book of Psalms, the 68 division and stanza 11 ( Psalm 68:11) it
KJV: “ great was the company of those that published it.” But The Jewish
Tanakh reads: “The LORD gives a command; “the women” who bring the news
are a great host.”

Also, the NASB reads: “The women” who proclaim the good tidings are a
great host.

My question is why the different wording here and what is the best reading
for this texts?
May I also have a reason for your answer please?
 Thank you to all who answer. 
                                           Tony Starks :-) 

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