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Ewan MacLeod macleod_ewan at
Sun May 26 11:42:33 EDT 2002

In narrative sections of the Bible it seems to be an almost universal rule 
that sentences would start with vav+VSO - e.g. the Law is full of sentences 
starting with things like vayomer, vayikra, vayavdel elohim, etc. So 
sentences that start without the vav are probably few indeed - I can't think 
of any without searching for them.
Nevertheless, for learning purposes, you have to start somewhere and jumping 
straight into the Torah can be very daunting without a few 'made-up' 
sentences to help you. Years ago I got some Jewish booklets which were 
intended to be a bridge to reading the Torah - they presented the early 
chapters in Genesis with easier Hebrew, which made it much easier to read 
Genesis for real later.

Ewan MacLeod

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