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Fri May 24 10:36:18 EDT 2002

Hi Ewan...
That French Monastery in France, which I mentioned to Jack, offers the
entire Tanakh on cassette...

I don't know if the gentleman reading has a Sepharadi accent, but he's a
native of Jerusalem by the name of Pere Abraham.

He reads at a normal pace, so I find it a bit tricky to pick up on some of
the finer nuances of his pronunciation, but you can definitely tell that
Hebrew is his first language.

E-mail Joelle at carmel.saint-sever at wanadoo.fr for more information.

There is also a website called Audio Scriptures International... they offer
the Bible on tape (both Old & New Testaments), recited in all sorts of
different languages... one of which is Hebrew.  I'm not sure how good this
recording is, but I'm sure you can email them with specific questions.

Hope this helps!
Joe Glean --junior member--

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