BH nunation, Randy

Randall Buth ButhFam at
Thu May 23 08:06:52 EDT 2002

shalom Vince,

I think that i've read you correctly. In any case, a reader should know 
that i've interpreted some of the questions as rhetorical and not 
serious. That makes them difficult to answer on a level plane.

>(1) i never thought to ask:  what do your native speakers of biblical 
>hebrew do with nunation? could they tell us the rule?

Since we only use second-language speakers for our ulpan, you must
have me mixed up with someone else.

   However, it is true that by listening to our teachers, our students 
cover the basics faster, retain more, look forward to reading through 
the text, and get to bump into those rhetorical nuns in the text. 
Pretty nice, eh?  see testimonies,

. . .
>(3) i'll be glad to write a scathing critique of Hurvitz, if that would 

As the rabbi said,      'gam zo le-tova'. 

Randall Buth

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