BH nunation, Randy

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Wed May 22 17:18:17 EDT 2002

hi randy,

(1) i never thought to ask:  what do your native speakers of biblical 
hebrew do with nunation? could they tell us the rule?

(2) re no nunation in P:  don't quote little ol' me, try the bigwig 
Stephen Kaufman, "Paragogic nun in Biblical Hebrew", pp. 95ff, Greenfield 
festschrift (1995), esp. p. 99.  (personally, if this were a grad student 
paper, i'd fail him without a complete rewrite, but what can you do?)

(3) i'll be glad to write a scathing critique of Hurvitz, if that would 
help.  but i understand there're papers in progress and/or in press that 
get the main points....  but maybe it wouldn't hurt to write it up anyway, 
even if i can't claim any priority, just as an exercise for my own 

btw, you needn't say hi to avi for me:  i work for a good friend of his 
here. ;-) but thanks anyway.

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