nasa' et ha ro'$

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at
Mon May 20 11:11:01 EDT 2002

IT strikes me there are different dialects, then.
Nasa' et ha ro'$ doesn't mean count heads in
2 Kings 25:27. Why does the same phrase have
two completely different interpretations?
Do I need to go to two different BH ulpans???


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> >> But what will you say to them? :-)
> >I'm glad you asked that!
> >Today, for example, I said, "why does naso' et ro'$"
> >mean "count heads"? It doesn't always mean that,
> >why is it used that way here??? Grr.
> >That's what I said, just this morning in fact!
> > I speak in English tho, that's probably why they never answer.
> Which is, of course, exactly my point. If you're going to
> speak with these
> texts at all, and if their answers never change, maybe you'll
> need to be the
> one to cross the cultural divide and learn to speak their language.
> Or maybe another way to put it is, if you're satisfied with
> talking to English
> translations, you may ask your questions in English--if not,
> maybe you'll need
> to speak BH :-)
> Trevor Peterson
> CUA/Semitics
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