The Natural Approach toTeaching BH, Randy

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at
Mon May 20 10:59:01 EDT 2002

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>> But what will you say to them? :-)
>I'm glad you asked that!
>Today, for example, I said, "why does naso' et ro'$"
>mean "count heads"? It doesn't always mean that,
>why is it used that way here??? Grr.
>That's what I said, just this morning in fact!
> I speak in English tho, that's probably why they never answer.

Which is, of course, exactly my point. If you're going to speak with these 
texts at all, and if their answers never change, maybe you'll need to be the 
one to cross the cultural divide and learn to speak their language.

Or maybe another way to put it is, if you're satisfied with talking to English 
translations, you may ask your questions in English--if not, maybe you'll need 
to speak BH :-)

Trevor Peterson

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